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Letter written to Joint Secretary, MH & FW reply to GSR 327 (E) dated 03.04.2017

Letter to Roshni Sohni, Director, NPPA regarding IPDMS notification dated 01.05.2017

Letter written to Under Secretary-Raised Objections against GSR 302 (E) dated 30.03.2017

Letter written to DCG(I) regarding Agenda for discussion on 11/05/2017 at FDA Bhavan

Letter written to the member informing date of meeting GSR 327 (E) dated 03.04.2017 and GSR 319 (E)

Regarding Public Notice dated 16.03.2017

Letter dated 23.03.2017 written to DCG(I) on FDCs declared as Rational

List of centers approved Bio availability/Bioequivalence Studies (till 16-6-2016

Overview of Regulatory Accreditations

List of NABL Accredited Laboratories

Trends of Import of Bulk drugs, Formulations etc. from 2012-13 to 2015-16

Trends of Import of Bulk drugs, Formulations, Herbal Products etc. from 2012-13 to 2015-16

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