1. Established in 2001, Twelve years back, some dedicated industry professional from our member organizations had met in Delhi representing an entire nations’ business units. After serious consultations and dedicated efforts of us all, it was decided to create Confederation of Pharma Industry which in today’s avtar is engaged in some pioneering work to protect our collective interests and help each one of us realize our goals better, faster. Thankful to Mr. Umesh Sanghi whose tireless efforts and passionate guidance played a vital role in formation of our CIPI. Members from all over the country greatly contributed with their ideas, personal efforts and continued well wishes. Beginning a new chapter of member collaboration, joint action and building better harmony between government, business, legal machinery and general public.


2. CIPI is today the only body of manufacturers of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals looking after the interests of all small & medium scale pharma units across the nation. Even though we SSI form the bulk of the industry, there was no association to work for SSI Sector’s collective welfare. Post- independence, CIPI is the first association to have been formed to single mindedly direct its efforts to the betterment of SSI in our country. Its continued dedication and unmatched commitment has paid rich dividends to us all member organizations.

About CIPI

1. Confederation of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry (CIPI) is the apex body of the manufacturers of drugs and pharmaceutics in the country representing small and medium scale units. All the major State level associations of the Pharmaceutical manufacturers in this segment are federating members of CIPI representing about 7000 pharmaceuticals units and having domestic turn over Rs.20,000 crores and exports approximate Rs.15,000 crores. CIPI members provide employments to the large number of qualified, skilled and semi skilled persons, total employment being more than five lakhs.


2. In different aspects of CIPI’s success-stewardship and what it takes to ensure that we continue to become better with the passage of time and forever keep improving the lot of our fellow members. Pharmaceutical and drugs industry is a very research and development focused industry where process excellence and business innovation play a vital role in building and sustaining our success-momentum. However some times arbitrary laws and indifferent government action holds us all to ransom while creating troublesome bottlenecks and irritating hindrances in our path to progress. As small and medium sized units we often do not have the time and energy to make the government and legislature heed to our honest demands, but collectively under CIPI banner and its able leadership we do have the required ability and power to make the government take notice of our sincere demands and even change unjust laws and regulations.

3. CIPI is today well recognized at all echelons of the state and central government and continues earn wide appreciation from its members for our work in protecting member interests. It is a matter of great pride for us all that CIPI is recognized a committed industry interests champion that is invited in all the meetings arranged by different ministries of the Central and state governments. As you know we are today controlled by not one, but many government ministries & bodies namely. Ministry of Health, Commerce, Chemical & Fertilizers, Deptt. of Pharmaceutics, Group of Ministers & in the office of DCGI, so its our mission to delicate walk the tight rope between their different views, interests and regulations. Thanks to CIPI’s continued efforts due care is taken by the government when formulating regulations. With CIPI looking after the interests of SSI, the back bone of Indian Economy, we are all assured of many more industry achievements, member progress and building a better future for the entire nation, society and all citizens.